Supporting an adult

Following a recent sexual assault

If a sexual assault has happened recently (usually within 7 days) we will offer the client a forensic medical examination.  Forensic medical examinations are done by a forensic nurse examiner or a forensic physician. The client will have the support of a specialist nurse (for children) or a crisis worker (for adults) throughout the medical assessment.

The medical assessment will include:

  • Taking a full medical history
  • A head-to-toe check for injury
  • Collecting forensic samples
  • Collecting a urine sample and/or blood sample
  • Carrying out a pregnancy test
  • Providing emergency contraception (morning-after pill) and treatment to reduce the risk of HIV or hepatitis B infection if required.

During the forensic medical assessment, the client will be able to go at their own speed and will be given the opportunity to talk about anything that is worrying them and ask any questions they may have.

Our team will carefully explain the whole process to the client and allow them to choose what does or doesn’t happen.  The examination is carried out in a sensitive and respectful way and the client can stop the process at any time if they wish.

More information about a forensic medical examination and what happens at the SARC can be found here –  What happens at the SARC

Following a non-recent sexual assault or abuse

We offer independent sexual violence advisors (ISVA) who there to represent survivors best interests and ensure that they have all the information they need to make informed decisions and to get the appropriate support. An ISVA can support someone whether the sexual assault occurred recently or in the past.

ISVAs can:

Discuss your options around reporting to the police, so you feel able to make an informed decision

Discuss your needs and make referrals to appropriate services

Discuss safety concerns

Support you by telephone and/or one to one

Attend appointments and meetings with you

Help you arrange medical appointments

Be your advocate

Support you through the Criminal Justice System and attend court with you.

We can offer regular clinics across Devon and Torbay.

If you would like to refer a survivor to The Oak Centre SARC, please complete the referral form and return to us at

Oak Centre referral form (word doc)


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