Sexual health

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The Centre – clinics

If you are over 13 you can go to a sexual health centre and receive confidential advice, support and treatment. Sexual health clinics are places where you can be anonymous, receive treatments and updates. The staff are trained specialists and their approach is one of understanding, sensitivity and professionalism.

Your general and sexual health are both very important. We would encourage you to have any injuries recorded and your sexual health checked. It may be that you are undecided whether to report to the police at this time, but any evidence gathered could be used at a later date for criminal or civil proceedings, should you wish. The most effective form of evidence is taken from a forensic medical examination, which the police can arrange for you or you can call us directly; this is when you can have the support of one of our Crisis Workers.


If you feel able to talk to your GP about what has happened, they would be able to record your injuries and check your sexual health.

Our ISVAs can help you to arrange appointments if you want them to.

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